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Splunk Enterprise 7.0/Cloud
Splunk Enterprise 7.0/Cloud
Using Splunk to Fall in Love
Splunk Enterprise 7.0/Cloud
Automate, collect, index and visualize your machine data in real-time
Splunk Enterprise 7.0/Cloud
Splunk is the leading platform for analyzing, acting on and predicting future outcomes from machine data
Splunk ITSI 3.0
Splunk ITSI 3.0
Detect anomalies quickly in your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on an infinite amount of historical data
Splunk ITSI 3.0
With Glass Tables, you can customize visualizations of your services and business, and map KPIs to those visualizations to easily be able to pinpoint what matters most
Splunk UBA 4.0
Splunk UBA 4.0
Once you create custom content using the Splunk User Behavior Analytics (UBA) SDK, it gets loaded into your UBA system alongside the Splunk UBA content
Splunk UBA 4.0
Splunk UBA watchlists let you focus on specific groups of users, devices or applications and easily highlight anomalies or threats related to those entities
ES Content Update
ES Content Update
Splunk Enterprise Security Content Update provides an overview of the Content Library and various statistics of the Analytic Stories found within
ES Content Update
A summary of the individual searches within the Content Library, statistics of the search types and search details.
ML Toolkit
ML Toolkit
The “Forecast Time Series” assistant now allows for the selection of one of the most widely used forecasting algorithm, ARIMA, with its supporting algorithm ACF and PACF
ML Toolkit
The Splunk ML Toolkit provides the option to split a group (of servers, shops, users, etc.) and view outliers in each section
NPower students in the classroom. Images provided by NPower.
NPower students in the classroom. Images provided by NPower.
Year Up Bay Area student, Ragina Ranjitkar, is reimaging a computer during a tech class in preparation for her 6-month corporate internship. Photo by Sotheara Yem.
Event Photos
Dubai Airport
Baggage Claim
Dubai Airport uses Splunk to analyze data from the baggage system, ensuring passengers get their bags as quickly as possible.
Dubai Airport analyzes sensor data from across the airport to gain valuable insights.
Golden Bathroom Dashboard
By analyzing sensor data from its bathrooms, Dubai Airport can deploy cleaning resources more efficiently.
Splunk helps Dubai Airport get passengers through security in less than five minutes.
Day 2 Wednesday, September 27
Day 3 Thursday, September 28
Doug Merritt
President and Chief Executive Officer, Splunk Inc.
Richard Campione
Chief Product Officer, Splunk Inc.
Rick Fitz
Senior Vice President, IT Markets, Splunk Inc.
Brian Goldfarb
Chief Marketing Officer, Splunk Inc.
Haiyan Song
Senior Vice President Security Markets, Splunk Inc.
Susan St. Ledger
President, Worldwide Field Operations, Splunk Inc.
Rich Barger
Director of Security Research, Splunk Inc.
Brooke Cunningham
AVP, Global Partner Programs & Operations, Splunk Inc.
Kevin Davis
‎Vice President, Public Sector, Splunk Inc.
Bill Emmett
‎Director, Solutions Marketing, Splunk Inc.
Andi Mann
Chief Technology Advocate, Splunk Inc.
Nathaniel McKervey
Director of Community and Advocacy, Splunk Inc.
Monzy Merza
Head of Security Research, Splunk Inc.
Jon Rooney
Head of Product Marketing, Splunk Inc.
Divanny Lamas
Director Customer Success, Splunk Inc.
Kelly Kitagawa
Sales Engineer, Splunk Inc.
Maritza Perez
Product Management Director, Splunk Inc.
Guest Speakers
Michael Ibbitson
Executive Vice President, Business Technology, Dubai Airports