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Innovate here.

opening mainstage opening mainstage

In today’s complex and unpredictable world, a foundation of security and resilience can help you innovate with speed and agility. Splunk is your strategic partner in building this foundation. Join Splunk executives and leaders from Papa Johns, Stripe, REI, Nubank and Heineken to hear exciting product announcements and inspirational stories of using data to drive incredible outcomes.

Super Sessions

Splunk market leaders share their new product innovations and use cases.

Customer Success

Drive Your Best Business Outcomes with Splunk Customer Success

customer success customer success

Hear from Splunk customers about the challenges they faced and the impacts they’ve made by using Splunk’s Education, Customer Success and Services resources. Learn how applying education, strategic advisory, implementation or modernization services into your organization can help to drive better business outcomes and achieve key performance indicators.

Toni Pavlovich headshot

Toni Pavlovich

Senior Vice President, Global Professional Services, Splunk

John Isenhart Headshot

John Isenhart

Principal Engineer, System Design & Strategy, T-Mobile

 Arnold Suratos Headshot

Arnold Suratos

Sr Manager, Data Infrastructure and Tools for Data Center Products, NVIDIA

Dustin Eastman headshot

Dustin Eastman

Senior Information Security Engineer, Wells Fargo

Jeffrey Hughes headshot

Jeffrey Hughes

Product Owner SIEM Development and CVTD, Global Digital Services, Cyber Security Solutions, Liberty Mutual


Unified Security and Observability Platform

platform platform

Digital transformation is only possible through end-to-end visibility of business processes and enabling rapid time to action to maximize opportunities and mitigate threats. In this session, you'll hear how the Splunk platform can help you create a complete operational view of your business to improve security posture and optimize business operations. Learn how the extensibility of the Splunk platform can empower you to operationalize data efficiently by building use-case-specific functionality across a shared dataset, eliminating data duplication, and optimizing data storage costs.

Sarika Attal headshot

Sarika Attal

Vice President of Enterprise Architecture and Technology Services, Papa Johns

Willie James Headshot

Willie James

Director, Resiliency Services, Papa Johns

Guss Groeneweg Headshot

Guus Groeneweg

Product Owner for Digital Integration, Heineken

Chuck Rees Headshot

Chuck Rees

Sr. Director, Threat Management Operations, Cyber Engineering, Observability, SDL, Red Team, GE Digital

Mangesh Pimpalkhare Headshot

Mangesh Pimpalkhare

Vice President, Product Management, Splunk Platform

Irshad Raihan headshot

Irshad Raihan

Area Vice President, Product Marketing, Splunk Platform


End-to-End Visibility So You Can Build, Troubleshoot and Innovate Faster

observability observability

Delivering software innovation that delights customers is more important than ever. But as you move to the cloud and modernize apps and IT processes, there’s more to react to — hybrid environments, more software changes and more data across fragmented tools. Splunk observability solutions gives you end-to-end visibility and business context across your infrastructure, applications and digital customer experience, with AI assistance to proactively spot problems and see root causes so you can take action before customers are impacted. This session will share best practices for delivering resilient software and services faster, and showcase new innovation to help you do it.

Mala Piluttla Headshot

Mala Pillutla

Global Vice President Observability Market Strategies, Splunk

Spiros Xanthos headshot

Spiros Xanthos

Senior Vice President, General Manager Observability, Splunk

Paul Brown graphic

Paul Brown

Head of Observability, Atlassian


Bolstering Cybersecurity Resilience to Protect Your Organization

security security

Are you stuck in the vortex of defending against an expanding threat landscape within an increasingly complex environment? In this security super session, we will unlock our data-centric approach to achieve cybersecurity resilience, allowing you to withstand unpredictable threats to your business. Learn how Splunk can deliver end-to-end visibility to detect threats accurately to help reduce business risk, empower your team to respond to attacks faster, and maximize the full potential of integration to accelerate time to value. Finally, hear what industry experts and customers say about leveraging security analytics, automation and orchestration, and human-powered expertise to stay ahead of threats.

Jane Wong Headshot

Jane Wong

Vice President Security Product Management, Splunk

Patrick Coughlin Headshot

Patrick Coughlin

Global Vice President, Security Market Strategy, Splunk

Ira Winkler Headshot

Ira Winkler

Chief Security Architect and Deputy CISO, Walmart

Lana Knop Headshot

Lana Knop

Product Strategy and Operations, Security, Splunk

Ryan Kovar Headshot

Ryan Kovar

Distinguished Security Strategist and Leader of SURGe, Splunk

Andrew Davies Headshot

Andrew Davies

Director Analyst, Gartner

Jeffrey Hughes headshot

Jeffrey Hughes

Product Owner SIEM Development and CVTD, Global Digital Services, Cyber Security Solutions, Liberty Mutual

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