Activities & Programs
.conf2017 | September 25-28, 2017 | Washington, DC


Have burning questions you want to run by a Splunk subject matter expert? Come on over and ask an expert in a private, one-on-one conversation onsite at the source=*Pavilion during .conf2017. Experts will be there to answer all your questions any time the pavilion floor is open. See the Agenda tab for source=*Pavilion hours.

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Gamer Lounge

Want to Splunk your golf swing or see some amazing data visualizations as you drive a race car simulator? Or maybe you are interested in playing Team Fortress 2 or Minecraft with your fellow attendees and see your fragging and mining data on the big screen—we’ll be running the Minecraft and TF2 apps, featuring dashboards and visualizations of your live game play. Come check out the Gamer lounge and make the most out of your gaming data. 

DCR (Dashboard Control Room)

See how Splunkers use Splunk! There is data all around us at .conf2017 and we are Splunking it! Join us at the Dashboard Control Room where we will use Splunk MINT, Splunk ITSI and all the fantastic new visualization capabilities of Splunk to capture and analyze .conf2017 mobile app usage, foot traffic within the conference facility and a host of other data sources to keep our finger on the pulse of the 8th Annual Splunk Conference!

Science Sandbox

Stop by our first-ever Science Sandbox to see cutting-edge science projects—being Splunked in real time! As part of the Splunk Exploratorium program in the source=*Pavilion, Splunkers will debut their very own experiments throughout all three days of .conf2017. Stop by and meet fellow Splunk scientists.

Swing by the Customer Success Studio in the source=*Pavilion and meet with members of Splunk's Customer Success team to map your company’s Splunk journey. Get inspired by stories of customers like you, learn how to scale your deployment with Splunk architects, pick up governance best practices to expand the adoption of Splunk at your company and work with value consultants to document ROI and your personal Splunk success story. The CSS is your one-stop shop for building out a Center of Excellence in your organization.

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Come and grab a seat at Splunk’s hands-on labs to learn cool tricks from Splunk experts! In the Splunk hands-on labs, anyone can casually walk into short, snack-able Splunk sessions covered by Splunk ninjas to learn the must-have techniques for reaching the next level of Splunk-fu! Through short, 15-minute sessions you will learn about “must know” Splunk features for effective analysis, cool SPL tips and how to use Splunk’s core features.

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Revolution Awards and SplunkTrust Induction Ceremony

We love to celebrate the unique and inspiring ways our customers are using Splunk® software. Each year the Splunk Revolution Awards recognizes outstanding achievements of Splunk teams and users around the world and across multiple categories. Winners will be announced at .conf2017, presented a sweet trophy by Splunk’s CEO Doug Merritt and receive special VIP recognition throughout .conf2017 and beyond!

Shortly after the Revolution Awards, attend the SplunkTrust Induction Ceremony to commemorate the newest additions to the SplunkTrust this year!


SPL’ing Bee

This is your opportunity to sharpen your search processing language (SPL) knowledge or show off your ninja skills and win prizes. Like a spelling bee, there will be multiple rounds that will get more challenging as you progress. Entrants will use a Splunk Cloud trial instance with a sample data set to run their searches — answers will be tracked and judged by a master instance. Results will be Splunked in real time and on display! An SPL’ing Bee and Security SPL’ing Bee will be held on Wednesday, September 27, in Community Theater A. Check the mobile app for specific times.

theCUBE is the world’s leading live interview show covering enterprise tech, innovation and the people who imagine, create and implement the technologies that are changing our world. Over the last 7 years, more than 5,000 executives, experts, practitioners, thought leaders, and analysts have come on theCUBE and shared their knowledge. Come see the interviews live while onsite at .conf2017!

Last year, theCUBE covered over 100 events, interviewing more than 1,500 guests about the mega trends disrupting our world including hyper-scale computing, mobile trends, the data explosion, machine learning, internet of things, augmented intelligence, DevOps, autonomous vehicles and business transformation. TheCUBE is the flagship program of SiliconANGLE Media, and each week is broadcast to dozens of digital platforms including its own organic community, reaching millions of viewers each quarter.

Be sure to visit the Splunk Apps Showcase for the latest and greatest Splunk products. Learn what’s new and what's emerging with the entire suite of products, from Splunk Enterprise to Splunk IT Service Intelligence to Splunk Enterprise Security and beyond. The App Showcase features expert Splunkers who will walk you through the features and functionality that make Splunk the leader for Operational Intelligence. This is your chance to get hands-on-keyboard with the full portfolio of Splunk products covering IT, Security, IoT, Business Analytics, DevOps and more.

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Search Bar

Do you want to stump a Splunk engineer with a complex search? Have a slow search you want to be faster? Not quite sure how that search command works? Stop by the Splunk Search Bar and ask an engineer.

Activities and Programs

Kick off .conf2017 the right way! Join us for cocktails and networking with Splunk experts, customers and executives in the source=*Pavilion. Be sure to catch President and CEO Doug Merritt announcing the winners of the Revolution Awards and witness the 2017 inductions into the SplunkTrust! Join us Monday evening from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. to see all that .conf2017 has to offer!

Join us on Tuesday evening in Hall DE for a night of music, food, drinks and fun! Network and meet with fellow Splunk enthusiasts and participate in Splunk’s first ever “Splunk Carnival” — filled with virtual reality and other life-sized games. Also, don’t miss our series of surprise performances that will be rolled out throughout the night or the opportunity to see how we are Splunking the party!

Do you have what it takes to be “The Boss of the SOC”? 

This event is a one-day competition where .conf2017 attendees will race to solve real-world (and fun!) security challenges using Splunk. As the participants go through the security scenarios, they will need to use their knowledge of Splunk search commands, Splunk Enterprise Security, the Splunk Adaptive Response framework and external data sources to answer questions about security intrusions in the scenarios, including data exfiltration, ransomware, lateral movement and more. The winners will receive a prize, bragging rights and adoration for their achievement. The scenarios will be designed to take advantage of previous and current .conf sessions, blog posts and white papers. It’s a great team-building exercise, so join us to show off your security ninja skills, have a little fun and prove that you are the bossest Boss of the SOC.

Improve and show off your skills in this one-day competition where .conf2017 attendees will race to solve real-world (and fun!) IT challenges using Splunk. As the participants go through the various scenarios, they will need to use their knowledge of Splunk search commands, Splunk® ITSI and external data sources to answer questions about network, infrastructure and application challenges. Not only will winners receive a prize, they’ll also get bragging rights and our adoration for their achievement. The scenarios  will be designed to take advantage of previous and current .conf sessions, blog posts and white papers. This is a great team-building exercise, so join us to show off your skills, have a little fun and prove that you are the boss-est of the Boss of the NOC. 

Want to meet other Splunk customers with similar interests or in your field? Grow your network and learn how others in your field use the Splunk platform to turn data into answers. Check the conference mobile app for meet up times and find your way to designated topic areas for meal-time meetings in Hall B of the convention center.

Visit the Splunk store to get your hands on the .conf2017 hoodie and all the other schwag Splunk has to offer! Located on the concourse level of the convention center, the store has all the T-shirts and Splunk gear you could ever want.


  • Monday, September 25: 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  • Tuesday, September 26: 10:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
  • Wednesday, September 27: 10:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
  • Thursday, September 28: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.


Looking to get Splunk Certified? .conf is a perfect place to get started or continue on your path! Complete the free Fundamentals I online eLearning course and get registered to take the Splunk Certified User Exam – no charge!

Certification team members will be available during Splunk University, the Welcome Soiree and throughout .conf to answer questions and get you registered. You'll be able to take the certification exam in our quiet room using your own computer or get registered and take the exam after .conf at your convenience.                                  

Certification candidates who are taking courses at Splunk University may also qualify for additional certification exams. If you attend the Fundamentals or Power User Bootcamp, you qualify for both the Splunk Certified User and Splunk Certified Power User exams! If you hold those certifications and attended the Administration Bootcamp, you qualify for the Splunk Certified Admin exam.

Access to certification requirements and paths is available at Questions prior to .conf? Reach us at

Is this your first time attending a .conf event? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Be sure to stop by the First Time Run booth in the source=*Pavilion for tips, tricks and advice on how to get the most out of .conf2017! Keep an eye out for Splunkers wearing First Time Run T-shirts— they can answer any questions and give recommendations throughout the conference.

We are excited to continue the conversation around Diversity in Technology (DIT) at .conf2017 to raise awareness around the business drivers for diversity and inclusion, not to mention the benefits of equality and the workplace. This year’s DIT program includes topics such as algorithmic accountability in machine learning and artificial intelligence, diversity in leadership and recruiting, and more. Meet other Splunk experts, customers and executives as they discuss their shared commitment to diversity and inclusion. All are welcome to attend and join the conversation.

Check out the sessions sponsored by the Splunk Diversity in Technology group here. Already registered? Add them to your .conf2017 schedule in the Session Scheduler.

Diversity in Technology Happy Hour

Join this event to network and share perspectives on opportunities for diversity in technology. Connect with others passionate about this topic and learn how different companies are driving these initiatives.

Time: 5:30-7 p.m., right before the Search Party!

Location: L Street Bridge, Walter E Washington Convention Center

Make sure to download the conference mobile application so you can enter the second annual Butter-CUP! Find hidden clues, grow your network and climb the leaderboard for the chance at some amazing prizes.

The community is made up of Splunkers, partners, customers and YOU! Everyone comes together from all over the world in Splunk Answers, User Groups, Slack Community chat and the SplunkTrust MVP program. Experience the helpful, open and fun culture our community has built over the years to make the learning of all things Splunk exciting and something to look forward to.



The SplunkTrust is Splunk’s user MVP program and comprises the most dedicated members of the Splunk community. They assist others, participate in events and evangelize Splunk products and services. In turn, they get a whole host of Splunk perks.


Community Theater

If you have 15 minutes, you have time to supercharge your “Splunk-fu” at .conf2017. Stop by Splunk’s Community Theater to hear pointed, bite-sized discussions on how you can promote learning and customer success across your Splunk ecosystem. You’ll walk away with customer toolkits, step-by-step solutions to users’ biggest pain points, interesting use cases and more!


SplunkTrust Induction Ceremony

Watch new members get inducted into the SplunkTrust. As we welcome new trustees, you’ll want to be there for the joy, laughter, tears, fezzes and drinks.

Executive Summit

Executive Thought Leadership at .conf2017

This invitation-only event is for IT executives looking to join other global technology leaders and Splunk executives for peer-to-peer networking opportunities and high-level discussions focused on innovation and emerging technologies.



This is a really informal gathering where runners of all speeds network and enjoy a 3 to 4 mile run before .conf2017 starts. Splunkers Tony Vincent, Jon Nussbaum, Nick Ho, Mark Bonsack, and James Brodsky will all be your hosts.

Here’s what you need to know:


  • NOT Tuesday – there are many things happening Monday evening that may keep folks up quite late.
  • Wednesday - 6:30am
  • Thursday - 6:30am


MEETING LOCATION: In front of the southern main entrance to the convention center, across from the Carnegie Library.