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.CONF24  |  JUNE 11-14, 2024  |  LAS VEGAS

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Developer/Data Engineer:

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Workshop: Splunk app building 101

Embark on a journey to create your own Splunk apps, from knowledge object creation to permissions setup. Ideal for beginners!

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Accenture’s exploration of SPL2

Learn how Accenture built a data quality app that validates data type, range, masking PII, etc. across multiple datasets using SPL2.

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Workshop: Simplify app maintenance

Discover how to maintain lovable apps and add-ons using GitHub automation and Splunk app dev tools to create quality solutions.

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Splunk development best practices

Uncover all the tips and tricks you've wished you’d known for Splunkbase, Cloud Vetting, AppInspect, Splunk Platform, debugging and more.

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Workshop: Multimodal data analytics

Join BlueVoyant as they tap into images, audio and video data types, paving the way for next-generation data intelligence in Splunk.

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Deep learning | Harvard University

Explore how Harvard secured their user accounts using Jupyter notebooks and the Splunk App for Data Science and Deep Learning (DSDL).

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Splunk Ingest Processor for the win

Get ready to accelerate your data’s value. Convert logs to metrics and route to multiple destinations, without indexing raw datasets.

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Workshop: Zero to GDI hero

Easily gain control of your data ecosystem to reduce costs, normalize fields, metricize and route data on the fly with the powerful SPL2.

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OTel collectors at scale | Atlassian

Explore Atlassian’s journey of scaling observability pipelines to 60k+ OpenTelemetry collectors and learn from their ups and downs.

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