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.CONF24  |  JUNE 11-14, 2024  |  LAS VEGAS

Learning Paths

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Security Analyst/Manager

Review activities curated for your role.

SOARing from zero to hero

Discover practical steps for immediate success, refine SOP craftsmanship and uncover the real deal of Splunk SOAR.

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Analysis and reversing

Learn how Splunk Attack Analyzer helps the Splunk Advanced Response Team with its intuitive, interactive, analyze-anything sandboxing approach.

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Get hands-on with Splunk Enterprise Security

Learn how to get the most out of your data using security analytics from Splunk ES and work through prioritized events to completion.

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Hunting RATs

Learn how remote access trojans (RATs) are using techniques to execute their code and avoid detection.

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Revitalizing threat detection & alerting

Join us for a discussion with Tenneco’s director of cyber defense as we unravel their success with Splunk Enterprise Security (ES).

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Journey to SOC excellence

Discover a streamlined way to enhance security operations and accelerate incident response with Splunk.

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Hunting M365 invaders

Explore practical M365 security monitoring, focusing on analyzing and differentiating vital data sources for robust threat detection.

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The automation games

Get a peek into how SOAR features help security teams automate repetitive tasks.

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ML in security

Join our data science experts to learn about advanced use of ML, such as how to extend rule-based threat detection.

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More for Security Analysts/Managers

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