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.conf19 | October 21–24, 2019 | The Venetian Sands Expo | Las Vegas

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About the Submission Process

Are you considering submitting a breakout session proposal for Splunk .conf19 in Las Vegas? Come join the .conf family! We’ve got everything you need to build a great proposal that will enable you to showcase your Splunk skills, share industry best practices, and exhibit thought leadership.

If you're on the fence, review the information below to understand the call for papers process, timelines, target themes and best practices for submission. We have all the info you need to get ready to submit. Questions? You can always reach out to our .conf19 speaker team.

Splunk .conf19 Themes and Topics
If you have not nailed down an idea yet or need some inspiration, check out the target themes and topics for .conf19 to get an understanding.

Sessions covering the latest innovations, as well as tips and tricks for automating the collection, indexing and alerting on non-traditional log data sources such as Amazon Kinesis, Microsoft Azure, Apache Kafka, Kubernetes and Docker.

Sessions covering the latest innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) using Splunk, including Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit as well as Premium
Solutions, ITSI and UBA; these sessions introduce technologies, and also describe how attendees can implement these in their environments.

Building a SOC with Splunk; success stories from customers who are running Splunk Enterprise, ES, UBA, and Phantom and have maximized their use and value in their SOC; hands-on sessions showing the value of the SOC Suite.

Practical/applied uses of Splunk Enterprise for Security (either Splunk Enterprise directly or via Splunk Security Essentials), including:

Incident Investigation & Forensics — Tips & tricks for conducting investigations and forensics using Splunk Enterprise
Data Privacy and Compliance — Real world “here’s how you use Splunk" for GDPR, NIST, DFARS, FISMA, and more
Fraud Detection — Insider Threat, Healthcare Insurance Billing, Wire Transfer Fraud – topics related to Splunk Security Essentials for Fraud Detection

Case studies, tips & tricks, and how-tos for SIEM (ES & UBA); dashboards, detections, and others to optimize ES+UBA as a SIEM; including:

Security Analytics

Security Monitoring — Deep dive sessions showing how to monitor security posture with ES.
SIEM Migration — Success replacement stories, migrating customers from other SIEMs to Splunk; technical sessions.


UEBA/Machine Learning for Security

Insider Threat — Compelling UBA case studies – ideally FinServ or Healthcare customers; technical or hands-on sessions.
Advanced Threat Detection — Examples showing how ES+UBA can be used to detect advanced attacks like polymorphic malware, zero days, etc.

Case studies, tips & tricks, and how-tos for SOAR (Phantom); orchestration guidance, playbooks, etc.; including:


Security Incident Response — Tracking, triaging and remediating security events.
SOC Automation — Automating security operations with Phantom.
Playbooks — Guidance on specific response playbooks; top five playbooks to automate security operations/incident response.

Managing security installations — Reusing data for IT/security use.
Crossing the use case — Converting IT customers to security and vice-versa.
OT Security — Case studies and technical sessions on monitoring security posture in manufacturing or for operational technology (in partnership with IoT).

Server, container and cloud monitoring examples.

Predictive analytics and event analytics use cases that showcase AI/ML capabilities that provide predictive insights for IT such as ITSI and Sophisticated Machine Learning.

Service Insights and end-to-end service monitoring use cases to manage and drive customer experience and system performance.

Collaborative incident response with VictorOps and examples of customers leveraging Splunk + VictorOps for integrated workflow from monitoring to incident response

Application monitoring and DevOps/product lifecycle analytics examples.

Any and all submissions on industrial/predictive maintenance as well as submissions focused on IoT system monitoring and diagnostics, IoT analytics and security. 

Technical sessions that provide examples of process mining and process analytics — but other customer journey and retail sessions are also welcomed.


Business Insights— Industry specific stories, i.e. Order to Activation, Sales Performance and Client Profitability, Smart Cities, Anti-money laundering.

Hands–on, what I built, how I built it, and show in code. There should be five slides and a code editor open for these.

We won’t go super heavy on these, but topics (less technical) spanning AI and ML, Cloud, and IoT providing practical insights and use cases that attendees can apply to their organizations to boost business results.

The more chocolate and peanut butter stories the better.

Technical session on where you are, how you’re progressing and what are your machine data, real-time data analytics strategies. It should be hands-on, five slides and have a code editor opener.

Guidelines for Submission

  • The submission window is open until April 18, 2019.
  • All submissions must be written in English and not more than 1,000 characters.
  • Submissions should highlight the products and strategy your session will cover after reviewing the themes for .conf this year.
  • Be clear and concise with your abstract and use audience and category tags.
  • Keep your Splunk spirit and wave that flag!