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Las Vegas

June 13-16

Virtual AMER

June 14-15

Virtual APAC & EMEA

June 15-16

Splunk Pavilion


Swing by to get inspired. Dive in deep with Splunk experts and partners to learn how to overcome the barriers between data and action.


Splunk Zone

Get hands-on with Splunk and chat with subject matter experts.

Splunk Product Showcase

splunk product showcase graphic splunk product showcase graphic

Splunk Product Showcase

Your one-stop shop for Splunk demos — whether it be products, apps, add-ons, solutions or verticals. Come discuss the latest and greatest in what Splunk has to offer. 

Data Playground

data playground graphic data playground graphic

Data Playground

Enter a world where you explore, play and interact with all types of data-driven wonders. See the wild data ideas Splunk employees bring to life.

Hands-on Labs

Hands on lab graphic Hands on lab graphic

Hands-on Labs

Want to learn by doing? Here’s your chance to get your hands on some data. Plus, Splunkers will walk you through step-by-step use cases and share tips and tricks.

Ask the Experts

ask the experts graphic ask the experts graphic

Ask the Experts

Drop in either onsite or virtually to get paired with a Splunk expert based on your interests. You'll get one-on-one, personalized help for any questions you might have. Whether beginner or advanced, we’ve got you covered.

Partner Zone

Our sponsors will be highlighting their innovative solutions to help you solve your day-to-day challenges with Splunk.

Boss Competitions

Interested in becoming a BOSS?

Regardless of your Splunk ability, BOO and BOTS is the best place to see where you stand, understand how you can improve and learn from Splunk experts.


*You can participate in BOSS whether you are registered for Las Vegas, Virtual Paid or Virtual Free. To participate in BOSS onsite in Las Vegas you must be registered for the in-person, Las Vegas event.

boss badge grapjoc boss badge grapjoc

Join us for our newest version of Boss of Operations and Observability (BOO) Competition!
June 13, 2022 at 6 pm PT

BOO is a capture-the-flag-esque game, with a focus on Splunk’s IT and observability solutions. BOO provides a fun and realistic approach to using Splunk. In its sixth consecutive year, BOO will provide gamers with real-world, real-time incidents where they assume the role of Ace, Splunk T-Shirt Co.’s ultimate guru in all things observability. As Ace, gamers will investigate outages, monitor their cloud environment, triage incidents using event analytics and maybe even predict an outage before it happens. Get ready to race the clock (and your peers) and earn your team bragging rights to the world, or maybe just enjoy the journey, learn something new and have fun along the way.

This year, we will have one hybrid competition so you can join us in Las Vegas or from the comfort of your own remote location. Be sure to register on the BOSS Platform


The scenario

You and your team will assume the role of Ace, Splunk T-Shirt Co.’s site reliability engineer (SRE). You will need to monitor, triage and remediate a variety of P1, P2 and P3 episodes (aka incidents and outages). You will dive into real-world datasets using Splunk's IT and observability platforms, get back to your roots with some core Splunk search and maybe even need to utilize the interwebs, just like in real life. As always, there are many paths to victory and time is of the essence. You and your team will need to solve as many episodes as you can while racing the clock, earning points and having fun.

Questions? Email

bots badge graphic bots badge graphic

Join us for our newest version of Boss of the Security Operations Center (BOTS) competition!

June 13, 2022 at 6 pm PT

All registered .conf22 attendees may join Splunk for our Capture the Flag (CTF) competition. BOTS is a real-world, jeopardy-style, blue-team focused CTF event that has seen over 15,000 competitors over the past six years. You will race the clock (and other analysts), hunt adversaries in Splunk Enterprise and Splunk security products, and try out new data sources like Google Cloud (along with fan favorites like Windows event data and network data) — all while trying to earn eternal bragging rights to the world and your peers, or maybe just enjoying the journey and having fun along the way. Be sure to register on the BOSS Platform.

The scenario

You will role play as the quirky “Alice Bluebird,” a security analyst at Frothly, a thriving home brewing supply company. Contestants will pivot through a brand new, realistic dataset using Splunk’s analytics-driven security platform and the wild, wild web — all the while racing the clock (and the globe) to identify the who, how and where through a series of full forensic investigations. 

Questions? Email 

Splunkie awards

The 2022 Splunkie Awards


The Splunkie Awards are back! We are excited to celebrate our exceptional customers who have been industry leaders in using data to power operational excellence and business innovation. This is your chance to nominate a colleague, team or manager for well-deserved recognition for their work.


This year, we are upping the ante: Finalists will receive early access to their .conf22 hoodies and winners will receive .conf22 passes and VIP treatment. Nominations run from April 4-May 6, 2022.


Check out last year’s Splunkie Awards winners.

The Explorer Award icon The Explorer Award icon

The Explorer Award

We want to recognize our data partners who have used Splunk to help them meet this moment in history. How did you explore your use of data to help you navigate the pandemic’s turbulent waters? What were your success stories while tapping into the power of data over the course of the pandemic? And how are you relying on Splunk to help bring you into the future?

Nominate Now
The Data Heroes Award Graphic The Data Heroes Award Graphic

The Data Heroes Award

Have you had to overcome complex IT system designs or internal challenges to enable the Splunk platform to shine at your organization? Have you and your tech team wielded Splunk to resolve a significant business issue? Have you educated the business users at your company about the data analytics benefits of using Splunk software? Then this is the award for you.

Nominate Now
The Innovation Award graphic The Innovation Award graphic

The Innovation Award

Is your team on a mission to bring data — and Splunk — to every question, decision and action? Do you use Splunk to help make the world a better place? Have you improved the lives of those around you by using Splunk in a creative way? Nominate in this category if you or someone you know is using Splunk for social or environmental causes that have great impact on your community.

Nominate Now
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The Developer Award

Are you a guru-level developer or part of an amazing developer team? Do you know a user who has expanded the capabilities of Splunk software using the Splunk SDKs, REST APIs or other tools? Submit your nomination for the Developer Award.

Nominate Now
The Community Award graphic The Community Award graphic

The Community Award

Calling all Splunk virtuosos! Do people flock to you online or in person with their Splunk needs? Have you inspired others to start using or making the most of Splunk software? Then you just might be the Splunk community champion we've been looking for.

Nominate Now
The Ecosystem Award icon The Ecosystem Award icon

The Ecosystem Award

Splunk has a rich ecosystem of partners that help deliver, extend and enrich every Splunk deployment. Nominate and share details about how you’re working with any Splunk partner(s) to recognize their contribution to your Splunk implementation. You can nominate individuals or organizations in this category.

Nominate Now

Splunkie Awards FAQ

Please see official Rules page here.

Entries will be accepted April 4-May 6 until midnight PDT.

Individual customer champions and teams may be nominated. If nominating a team, please be sure to name the individual who will run point for recognition from your company, whether it is you, your boss or your favorite colleague.

Each award winner will receive one (1) complimentary .conf22 pass (onsite or virtual), one (1) personalized awards trophy, and a US $100 credit that can be applied at the Splunk Store online.

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.conf22 Blogs

Stay up to date with all things .conf — hear from Splunk enthusiasts and subject matter experts, dive into content tracks, program updates and more.

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