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LAS VEGAS  |  JULY 17-20, 2023

Boss of the SOC


Think you’re boss material?

Boss of the SOC v.8
July 17 at 8 pm. Doors open at 7.

In this blue-team, CTF(ish) event, competitors will play once again as Alice Bluebird, a security analyst protecting her organization, Frothly, against a new APT group that will be unveiled at .conf23. Racing the clock and other contestants, you’ll answer a series of questions, Jeopardy-style — both speed and accuracy earn you points. Use Splunk Enterprise and premium Splunk products to practice your security and troubleshooting skills and see how you’d handle a real-world incident investigation like this one. Who knows? You might even earn some bragging rights.

To sign up for BOTS, complete your .conf23 registration, then look for a special BOTS link in your .conf registration confirmation email.

Questions? Email

We can’t wait to see who’s the boss