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.conf22 Media Kit

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Product snapshots

Event photos


Gary Steele
Event lounge
Event audience
Event lobby
Opening mainstage announcement
Opening mainstage Steele and Attal shaking hands


Patrick Coughlin on stage
Event lounge
Super sessions stage
Buttercup pony mascot
Super sessions ryan kovar
splunk education room


Adam Savage on stage
splunk events team
Jesse Chor on closing mainstage
Splunk attendees

Splunker headshots

Gary Steele

President and Chief Executive Officer

Garth Fort

Senior Vice President, Chief Product Officer

Toni Pavlovich

Senior Vice President, Global Professional Services

Katie Bianchi

Senior Vice President, Chief Customer Officer

Faya Peng

Senior Director Product Management

Mala Pillutla

Global Vice President Observability Market Strategies

Spiros Xanthos

Senior Vice President, General Manager Observability

Jane Wong

Vice President Security Product Management

Patrick Coughlin

Global Vice President, Security Market Strategy

Mangesh Pimpalkhare

Vice President, Product Management, Splunk Platform

Irshad Raihan

Area Vice President, Product Marketing, Splunk Platform

Lana Knop

Product Strategy and Operations, Security

Ryan Kovar

Distinguished Security Strategist and Leader of SURGe

Ponies. Fezzes. Plenty of fun.